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Envi™ High-Efficiency Panel Heater

The World’s First and Only 100% Pure Convection Heaterenvi-heater
The stylish wall-mounted Envi panel heater is the most innovative and energy-efficient heater available. The Envi is the world’s frst heater to use “stack convection technology” to evenly distribute the perfect amount of heat throughout a room while reducing your heating bills by up to 50%. Offering a safe, healthy living environment, especially for children, seniors, and pets because it cannot be tipped over, Envi’s exterior shell always remains cool to the touch. And because the Envi does not use a fan, the days of worrying about dust and other allergen particles being blown into the air are a thing of the past. The Envi installs on your wall in seconds using a simple three-step process. No hassle, just clean, fresh, warm air. Simply mount to the wall, and the 120-volt plug-in heater draws cold air in, heating it rapidly to create a natural updraft of warm air. The cold room air circulates slowly through the heater, which produces an airstream that blankets the entire room. Only 2 inches thick, the Envi heater sits nearly flush to the wall, creating no walkway clutter. No noisy fan means the heater is totally silent. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 19″W x 22″H x 2″D. Available in a hard-wired (Sku 610050, $134.95) or plug-in version (Sku 610051, $139.95)