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YETI® Bearproof Coolers

If you or some-one you know is a serious outdoor enthusiast, Cole Hardware is proud to introduce YETI coolers for all of your outdoor excursion needs. YETI is the best quality cooler we’ve come across in terms of durability and ice retention time, and it is the only cooler we know of that is certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. These coolers are virtually indestructible as they are constructed out of one piece of seamless polyethylene. And their permafrost insulation system keeps ice solid for up to a week, making these coolers a great choice to take with you on a road trip, fishing, or camping—even in bear country! A heap of other features and extreme care to detail in the hinges, handles, latches, and drain system combine to make YETI the most impressive cooler we’ve seen. And while they’ryeticoolerse pricier than the coolers we’re used to seeing, they’ll be less expensive than a lifetime of replacing cheaper models due to damage or decreased functionality. They receive rave reviews from everyone who buys them. YETI coolers are available in a wide range of sizes and in three colors: white, ice blue, and tan. They are all backed by a five-year warranty, though we suspect you’ll never need to buy another cooler! In our stores, you’ll find the original YETI Tundra 45 model for $349.99 in tan or ice blue (Skus 8399107, 8399123) and a smaller, more portable option great for day trips or tailgates, the Roadie 20 model for $249.99 (Skus 8399032, 8398919, 8398992).