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Meet Mauricia: Painter, Muralist, Artist Extraordinaire

mauriciaOne of our favorite Repair Referral Service tradespeople is Mauricia, who specializes in decorative painting. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in her nativeBrazil, Mauricia studied art history, etching, and graphic arts in Florence and has been working her magic transforming plain walls into works of art for nearly 20 years. Mauricia has extensive knowledge of paints, colors, and techniques and always takes the extra steps necessary to accomplish the perfect job. Some of Mauricia’s areas of expertise include:
• Marble finishes
• Faux finishes: rust, stone, wood grain, clouds
• Textured finishes
• Stencil work
• Antique finishes
• Distressed finishes
• Sponge finishes
• Color wash
• Glazing
• Wood stains
• Restoration
• Refinishing
• Special effects

Mauricia consults with her clients to come up with ideas and to problem solve in order to create a customized design layout and plan. Her designs are ideal for accent walls in a child’s room—or any room of the house. Using earth-friendly products whenever possible, Mauricia is also a wizard at matching existing fnishes on furniture or walls. Space constraints allow us to highlight only a few of Mauricia’s artistic endeavors. For a free consul tation with Mauricia, contact our Repair Referral Service at 415/753-2653 ext. 3 or