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Good-Bye, Phantom Energy!

Halloween isn’t the only time phantoms are among us—an actual terror may already be in your home or business. These “energy vampires” are all too real and all around, running up your energy bill even when you are not actively using your appliances.Also known as standby power, leaking electricity, or phantom load, vampire power is wasted electrical energy consumed while appliances are switched off (to standby or off mode) but are still plugged in. These appliances range from televisionsand home entertainment systems to personal computers and peripherals—all of which continue to draw power even when they are turned off. This can account for up to 15% of your total electric bill. Advanced power strips are energy-saving devices that use one outlet to control the power supplied to other outlets on the same strip. An advanced power strip will automatically eliminate vampire loads of electronic peripheral devices that are not needed (DVD player, computer printer, scanner, and so on) when an electronic control device (television or personal computer) is in standby or off mode.TrickleStar® Advanced PowerStrips offer fireproof surge protection and reduce the amount of standby power wasted by electronics. The 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip offers two outlets that remain on at all times—plug your television into the control outlet and then up to four peripherals. When your television is off, the peripheral devices will be automatically shut down and not consume any electricity. Available in two models with different degrees of surge protection. (Sku 327002, $26.99; Sku 327008, $34.99)The Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip also features a multi sensor with a countdown timer to power off a television and peripherals if no motion is detected in the room. Simple and easy to install, this automated way to reduce wasted energy consumption is perfect for households with children or those who fall asleep watching television. (Sku 327001, $69.99) DS 188LV-US-7XX-Multi-Sensor