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American-Made Products

madeinUSABorn in the USA

Although the trend of American companies moving their manufacturing overseas has been a disheartening one, in the past few years the manufacturing sector in the United States seems to be on the rise again. There is still a long way to go, and the United States may never again be the dominant force in manufacturing that it once was, but partnering with vendors who sell American-made products is important to us at Cole Hardware, and we know that this is something our customers look for as well. Unfortunately, these days when we source a product, it is often impossible to fnd a choice that is competitively made in the United States. Our product selection is largely dictated by consumer demand, with retail prices largely influencing demand, especially during economic downturns. In order to stay competitive, many manufacturers source a huge percentage of their products from China and other countries. In order to be able to stay in business and compete, we must attempt to have products at comparable price points. Still, whenever possible, we will opt for American-made selections—and hope that our customers vote with their dollars to support this choice. Why is it important? Here are our top three reasons: Community: Just as shopping with locally owned businesses (such as Cole Hardware) is important to keeping dollars in local communities and preserving local character, buying American-made products reinvests our dollars in the United States. Environment: American-made products that we sell have a smaller environmental footprint since they have a shorter distance to travel to make it onto our shelves. American-made products are also required to comply with stricter environmental regulations in the manufacturing process than products made in China. Economy: More presence in the manufacturing sector helps stimulate our economy and means more jobs for Americans and helps raise our GDP. Lots of the vendors we work with will bring it to our attention when they are moving manufacturing of a certain item to the United States, which we always appreciate. But even better for us is to buy from companies that make the commitment to produce their entire selection of products in the United States. In honor of American Independence Day, we salute these vendor partners who help our communities, economy, and environment by being 100% made in the USA!