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Artists in Residence

A customer once commented to us, “If I want to see museum-quality artwork, I just go to Cole Hardware!” This inspired our popular window designer, Noelle, to create her classic “Louvre” window, which recreated many masterpieces—with a hardware twist: Van Gogh’s sunfowers, using circular saw blades, and Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, using latex gloves, to name a few.

With our many multitalented crew members as the artists, we’re proud to present to you the exhibit we’ve put together to spotlight all of the talent within Cole Hardware. The exhibition is featured in the  window of our downtown location (70 Fourth Street, between Market and Mission) through the end of May. Be sure to stop by to see these works of art:

Paintings and Sketchesartistinresidence
Bill at Fourth Street
Nick at Mission Street

David at Fourth Street
Daniel at RockridgeJewelryTessa at Rockridge

Hat Pins
Felicia at Polk Street

Daniel at Rockridge
Vicki at Fourth Street

Felicia at Polk Street

Tim at Polk Street

Knit Afghan
Kelly at Rockridge