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Meet David, Our Landscape Gardener

davidApril is the perfect month to work in your garden in order to enjoy the results all summer. If your garden needs a lot of attention, or you simply don’t have the time, meet David, our landscape gardener who excels in just about every phase of landscaping and gardening, rather than specializing in only one area. David says, “No job is too big or too small!” Yes, he does it all. David is a native of Canada, having moved to the Bay Area in early 1999. He arrived as a pruning specialist and gradually increased his skills to include almost every aspect of landscaping and organic gardening.

“It’s very important when I’m meeting with clients for the first time that we develop a plan,” he says. He wants to know what the clients’ goals are for their yard and how they intend to useit. He suggests they “think long term, while being rooted in a step-by-step process.” David will ask questions that create aprofile of his clients’ lives: Dothey like to entertain? Do they have pets? Do they need an outdoor area specifically for children? Are they going to take part in the maintenance of their garden? David’s number one goal is to create a natural yet refined look. He brings an artistic touch to garden design with lighting, shape, texture, and creative materials. His approach includes developing and implementing more sustainable and environmentally gentle services and products. More and more, the push is toward saving water, eliminating harmful products, and reducing the impact that caring for and enjoying a garden has on the earth.

We asked David what he specifically does. David says that he’s essentially a project manager wholoves to get dirty! His company can:

  • Perform regular maintenance and general gardening.
  • Install and repair irrigation systems.
  • Install patios, stone, retaining walls, water features, or any kind of hardscape or groundwork.
  • Create low-voltage lighting systems, including LED and solar.
  • Convert lawns to native and drought-tolerant plants, or eco-lawns.

Most customers make the decision to hire David because they feel comfortable with him and know that their garden will be in good hands. If you would like David to come to your home for a free estimate, please contact our Repair Referral Service at 415/753-2653 ext. 3 or