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Malibu Compost Gardening Class

malibu-image1 malibu-image2Home Composting and Compost Teas
Cole Hardware Rockridge location

Our friends at Malibu Compost will be leading a class at our Rockridge location on Sunday, April 12, on the benefits of home composting and gardening with compost teas. Composting is the decomposition of food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper products into a rich, earthen material. It’s excellent for enriching garden soil and houseplants. It;s also a crucial way of reducing the volume of trash that we send to our landfills. As cities and counties across the state work toward a 100% waste diversion goal, it’s a simple step to help pitch in.
Malibu Compost offers compost and compost teas that repair your soil’s ecosystem, save water, and serve as a source of humus for planting and managing soil health while also emanating energetic life forces to vitalize vegetables, plants, flowers, lawns, gardens, and their farms. Their line of Bu’s Blendâ„¢ products are handcrafted from a base of dairy cow manure, which is laid in rows to mature and is treated with bio-dynamic preparations that contain specific plant and mineral materials designed to increase microbial life and nutrients in the soil. The effects of these preparations used in compost have been scientifically shown to enhance the flavor, nutritional value, and qualities of produce, while eliminating the need for pesticides, fertilizers, and other synthetic soil steroids. Join us for an informative session to answer all of your home composting questions!