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Clearly Cole Hardware Spring Water

clearlycolehardware-bottleClearly Cole Hardware Spring Water Returns!

We are reintroducing our popular Clearly Cole Hardware bottled spring water for your fund-raising events. You’ll recall that we introduced our Cutting Edge wine as an alternative to the politically incorrect single-use plastic water bottles for our schools and nonprofits to serve at their fund-raising events. You could say we turned “water into wine,” but we also realized that serving wine was sometimes not appropriate for family festivities. So we’re happy to announce that spring water is now available to serve at your events.
Our spring water is supplies by a local company with a zero carbon footprint in bottles now made of 100% recycled, BPA-free plastic. We’ll gladly donate up to six cases of water to our Community Partners for local fund-raising events. Just e-mail a request on your organization’s letterhead, including the date of the event, to Serve the water to your guests or suggest a donation to raise even more funds!