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The Selfie Stick—Love It or Hate It


Here’s the deal with the Selfie Stick. When it first landed on one of our desks as a potential item to bring in for our shelves, some folks’ reaction was a decidedly disgusted exclamation: “Oh my gosh—this is a horrible idea!” After a couple months, however, others among us began lobbying for the Selfie Stick’s good graces. We started seeing them being used around town, and we started receiving customer requests, and we slowly came around to the idea. In case you haven’t yet seen one yourself, a Selfie Stick is an extendable pole with a secure mount on the end for holding your camera phone. Anyone who’s ever tried to capture a landscape in the background of their selfie knows that the length of your arm can pose a serious hindrance to getting the shot you envisioned. Never fear! Think of the Selfie Stick as your Go-Go-Gadget arm attachment for capturing a wider scene or more friends in your selfies.

Do you yourself have any particular feeling about selfies? Maybe you post a selfie to social media to show off your outfit every night before hitting the club. Ever the pragmatist, perhaps you enlist the use of a selfie only on remotely rugged hikes with your dog, when no one else is around to capture the beautiful moment for you two. Or maybe you shake your head with amusement when your cousin/roommate/friend posts a daily poutyfaced and ultra-filtered selfie. Odds are, whatever your feelings are toward selfies, your feelings toward the Selfie Stick will be identical. However, whether you are an unabashed selfietaking fiend, need an addition to your collection of cultural relics, or want a great gag gift, you’ll be surprised that you can find a reason to buy a Selfie Stick more quickly than you may have thought. (Sku 999700, $12.99)