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Joe Jacket® Drink Sleeves

joe-jacket-3Let’s face it! We are a time-strapped society desperately in need of our coffee on the go. The cardboard sleeves that we use with our coffee unfortunately get tossed in the landfill trash out of convenience if a recycling bin is not handy. Joe Jacket to rescue! Introduced to us by a Rockridge customer, Joe Jacket is an insulating reusable neoprene sleeve that takes the place of cardboard sleeves.

For the fashion savvy or pet-loving coffee drinker, Joe Jacket provides a stylish, ear th-friendly alternative. The makers of Joe Jacket are passionate about giving back to the animal community, too, and donate a portion of sales to animal charities and also donate Joe Jacket sleeves to aid small-scale animal shelters with their fundraising efforts.

Small enough to carry in your purse or backpack, Joe Jackets also make an ideal gift—just slip in a gift card to a favorite coffee shop, tie a ribbon around it, and your gift is ready f or g iving. A ssorted p atterns. (Skus 871805,6,13–23, $7.99)