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Cuisinart® Smart Stick® Hand Blenders

cuisinar-hand-mixerThe Secret Weapon for Healthy Eating

January after January, how many of us find ourselves making the same New Year’s resolution to eat a healthier diet and get fit? The reasons we fall off the wagon instead of sticking to these goals throughout the year are complex, and of course there is no one method or true “secret weapon” that is guaranteed to work for each of us. However, a Smart Stick is a surprisingly effective tool for helping you stick to your healthy eating goals. The magic of the hand blender, also called an immersion blender, lies in its ability to create a creamy or whipped texture that makes healthy foods seem more decadent in literal seconds. The extra payoff is that cleanup with the Smart Stick is a cinch, so even when you are short on time or motivation to cook, a healthy meal is within your reach. We at Cole Hardware are far from dieting gurus, but we are all for making healthy eating fun and accessible. We can guarantee that adding a Cuisinart Smart Stick to your kitchen arsenal and incorporating it into your cooking routine for healthful soups and smoothies will allow you include more healthy ingredients in your diet—and have fun while doing it! The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get your wheels turning. Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blenders are available this month in beautiful gem-inspired tones: choose Onyx or Garnet.

(Sku 606400, 606401, $39.99)

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