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Cole Hardware Rewards: Simple. Finally.

As far as retailers go, we were a pioneer back in the mid-80s when we began our Frequent Shoppers Club. American Airlines had introduced their frequent flier’s club. REI began year-end rebates to its members. And I had an epiphany: Why couldn’t Cole Hardware combine the best of both and create our own Frequent Shoppers Club? That’s just what we did. It was nothing fancy. It was simple, and it was rewarding. Then, many years later, we acquired some fancy and sophisticated software that manages loyalty clubs. It is pretty cool, actually. But say good-bye to simple and hello to complex.

We heard you loud and clear that our program was confusing. In fact, a lot of our staff were confused as well. A few months ago, we set out to reinvent simple with one guiding principle: Everybody should understand the benefits and the way the Rewards Program works in 30 seconds or less.

Four easy bullets to read and understand in less than 30 seconds: 

  • Rewards points are calculated daily and shown on your receipt.
  • For every dollar spent, one point is earned. Points are converted to a dollar value on your Rewards card at the end of each calendar quarter, and never expire. Yes, I said never.
  • Points are converted in $5 increments for every 100 points earned. Yes, that equates to a 5% reward.
  • Rewards dollars are valid for three months. Four times a year, we’ll send you a postcard, e-mail announcements, and more to remind you to use your Rewards dollars.

Simple enough?

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