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Keep It Clean With Caldrea®

caldreaCleaning your home no longer needs to be an unpleasant task with harsh cleaners full of toxic chemicals. All Cole Hardware locations are introducing the aromatic, sensual scents of the Caldrea line in dish soap, hand soap, countertop spray, laundry detergent, and candles. Caldrea uses potent ingredients that are effective, safe, and gentle all at once. The packaging of these products is so beautiful, you’ll want to give it as a gift, as well as be inspired to clean. ($9.99–$19.99) You’ll find these pleasing scents at our stores:

Ginger Pomelo: A day stretched out into a wide grin, warmed by the sun, glowing citrus is emboldened by ginger, basil, and sweet peony. Brighten a counter, a mood, or a Monday.

Sea Salt Neroli: Boards washed by the sun, this seashore of a scent sends citrus and juniper aloft on breezes of minerals, florals, and the clean musk of summer dances.

Lavender Pine: Lavender and pine have kept homes pristine not for mere centuries but for actual millennia. Today, cedarwood, eucalyptus, and orange add elegance to the efficacy.

Mandarin Vetiver: This is sunshine sharply sectioned and freshly squeezed. The invigoration of citrus finds it zest with vetiver green.

Basil Blue Sage: A sprig of spring, refined yet relaxed, this bouquet tidies your affairs with the effortless Provençal chic of its namesakes, plus rosemary, spearmint, and cinnamon leaf.

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