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Arriba Juntos Toy Drive

Through December 21

toy-driveOnce again, Cole Hardware is hosting a toy drive for Arriba Juntos’s La Posada celebration. Arriba Juntos, which translates from Spanish to “upward together,” is a nonprofit community organization that was founded in 1965 in the Mission District. It works to support thousands of individuals and families across the City who are the most underserved and at risk for prolonged poverty. Its clients receive occupational training programs and employment services that help them improve the quality of their lives and contribute to the local economy.

At its La Posada celebration each year, Arriba Juntos aims to have gifts for all the children who attend. Join us in helping make it a special night. Las Posadas is a colorful tradition celebrated in Mexico every evening December 16–24. Each night, a party is held in a neighborhood home, and at dusk, guests gather outside the house and form a procession led by a child dressed as an angel, with music, songs, and candles. Eventually the procession reaches a house or church ( posada translates to “shelter”) where a piñata and more music ensue.

For your donation, we suggest a toy from Green Toys™, a Bay Area company that makes a unique, fun line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic containers and other environmentally friendly materials. Our partner in the toy drive for the past six years, Green Toys has donated hundreds of their toys to Arriba Juntos. At all of our Cole Hardware locations, we carry a variety of Green Toys, including race cars, rockets, airplanes, and seaplanes. The toys range in price from $4.99 to $29.99. Come check them out for this special event and stock up for your own holiday giftgiving needs as well. We will be collecting toys to donate through December 21.

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