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Boris – Repair Referral Service Electrician

Boris—Repair Referral Service ElectricianProper electrical wiring in a home is for safe occupancy, and it’s even more over the holidays when households tend to up everything from Christmas trees to to wreaths. Many older homes in San do not have an adequate number of outlets to keep pace with the number appliances, televisions, computers, hair and coffeemakers that we rely on daily.
One of the most common problems around holidays is overloading circuits, which is also of the leading causes of home fires. Another common mistake is using multiple cords to plug in one appliance. If you are of the safety of the appliance setups in home, you may need a licensed electrician, Boris, from our Repair Referral Service can advise you on what you need to update home’s electrical wiring.

Any of the following situations would from the services of a licensed electrician:

  • ElectricianIf a fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips frequently, you most likely need a qualified electrician determine the nature the problem and to fix it.
  • If the main electrical panel has circuit breakers, you should flip them off and back on once a year. This maintenance procedure will help keep them working. If the breakers malfunction, you need a qualified electrician to test the circuit breakers.
  • If extension cords or plug adaptors are being used to plug multiple appliances into the same outlet, you need a qualified electrician to install more outlets on a new or different branch of circuits.
  • If any outlet or switch wall plates feel hot to the touch, you need a qualified electrician to determine what the problem is.

Boris has been with our service for nearly 15 years. In his native Croatia, he performed underwater electrical wiring as well as residential and commercial installations. If you feel that your home or business may need some electrical upgrades or more outlets installed to keep up with your “wired” lifestyle, contact our Repair Referral Service at 415/753-2653 ext. 3 or e-mail