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November Garden Tasks

November Garden Tasks:

During the late fall and holiday seasons, we turn our focus to the indoors of our homes, but don’t forget about the many tasks you can still undertake outdoors in the garden. Caring for your garden in the colder months of the year allows you to enjoy your garden year-round.

– Remember that plants don’t need as much fertilizer or water during the winter season, so both can be reduced now. This also hardens your plants to weather the cold months ahead.

– This is a great time to plant new perennials in your garden. Throughout the winter these newbies will really put effort in the root system, and show off your planning and patience in the spring. Look around your neighborhood for plants that you remember admiring last spring, since these will be especially likely to do well in your area. If you don’t know what a plant is, ask your neighbor! Or, snap a photo to bring into our garden centers and we can try to help identify it.

– Continue to plant Spring bulbs that you purchased in the Fall. Get them in the ground now and they will reward your efforts in Spring with beautiful blooms.

– Plant primroses, cyclamen, calendulas and pansies, cabbage, kale, broccoli, onion sets and root vegetables. Set out seeds of arugula, bok choy, fava beans, lettuce, radish and spinach.

– With the holidays just around the corner, keep in mind that some holiday plants should be kept out of reach of children and pets. The most common plant that falls in this category is Poinsettia because they are poisonous. A good resource for pet safe indoor plants is the website. Once you have chosen the indoor plant that is safe for your favorite pet you can stop by any of our Cole Hardware stores and we can usually locate and have in the stock the plant within a week, depending on availability from our vendors.

– During winter storms dead or cracked branches could fall down, doing damage to your home or to neighbors’. Check your property and enlist the help of an arborist if needed to minimize these potential hazards. For newer trees and shrubs, help them stand strong through blustery weather by staking them. Use a lodge pole and keep it in place until roots are able to develop and anchor. (Sku 700509, $8.49)

– If you don’t already have them growing in your garden, consider buying rosemary, sage, marjoram, and thyme plants to have homegrown herbs on hand for your upcoming holiday meals.  For an indoor herb garden, place herbs in a south-facing windowsill.

– Clean up litter from fruit trees and roses and put in your green waste bin. This will help avoid the spread of disease that can infect your plants in Spring. Follow the clean up with a dormant spray. Spray as soon as leaves start to fall for the first time. You can spray a second time in December and a third time in February. We have Monterey brand ‘Liqui-Cop’ copper fungicide (sku 7117112, $12.99) Safer Garden Fungicide (Sku 74806, $9.99)

– Check drains around the house, and remove leaves and debris from areas that could become clogged in the winter rain. As the rain begins, also watch for areas around your yard that pool and could become inundated with water. Modify the landscape or drainage as needed.

– Mulch all bare ground with bark or compost to help prevent erosion, smother winter weeds from germinating, and add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.



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