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Easter Eggs in Minutes!

Deviled Eggs

Make deviled eggs in a matter of minutes!

Cook your Easter eggs in a matter of minutes! Eggs are arguably the most indispensable ingredient in the kitchen. A great source of protein, iodine, and essential vitamins, besides being a breakfast staple, many recipes call for eggs. The new Dash Rapid Egg Cooker lets you cook eggs in a variety of ways: hard, medium, soft boiled, poached, or scrambled—in only minutes. Eggs are cooked to perfection every time too. Cook up to seven boiled eggs at a time or poach up to three at a time. This compact egg cooker is ideal for cooking eggs in the morning for the family on the go, preparing hard boiled eggs for potato salad, or making delicious deviled eggs for a holiday appetizer. Dimensions: 7.5”W x 7.5”H (Sku 645074, $24.99)

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