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Meet Kamado Joe!

The Kamado Joe ceramic grill cooks food to perfection.

For those who take their barbecuing seriously, meet Kamado Joe, our new ceramic grill and smoker carried now at our Cole Street location. The word Kamado means stove in Japanese and has become the generic word for today’s ceramic grills. Kamados are over 3,000 years old and were used in Asian homes to cook and heat their homes.

Other than size and color, ceramic grills have remained relatively unchanged in the last 40 years until Kamado Joe came along. Company founders Bobby Brennan and Kerry Coker were both avid ceramic grill fans when they decided to improve upon the ceramic grills available on the market in 2008.

Cooking with a Kamado Joe ceramic grill will make your food taste better. The ceramic shell acts as an insulator to keep the natural oils and moisture in food for incredible juiciness and tenderness. Metal grills radiate heat which pulls the moisture out of the food. You also get true charcoal flavor, because these grill use 100% natural lump charcoal as a heat source. Briquette charcoal on the other hand contains additives such as borax, starch, and sawdust from waste lumber.

Kamado Joe is much more than a grill—it’s also an oven and a smoker, so it allows you to bake, roast, grill, and smoke with a simple adjustment of the airflow. The heat deflector accessory also allows you to switch from direct to indirect cooking, and it expands the cooking range from 225°F to over 750°F. The bottom line is that you can cook anything on a Kamado Joe ceramic grill.

A common misconception is that ceramic grills take a long time to preheat. The truth is that Kamado Joe is ready to use in 15 minutes—the average time it takes to preheat a gas grill! Briquette charcoal grills can take up to 30 minutes of preheat time.

Not only is Kamado Joe sharp looking with its finished bamboo side shelves, but it is also built to last a lifetime and carries a lifetime warranty. Only top grade stainless steel and cast iron is used in production, which means that your Kamado Joe will work and look great for years.

And where does the name Joe come from? Joe was inspired by the briefly famous gentleman, “Joe the Plumber” during the 2008 presidential race. “Joe” has a positive and friendly connotation and that’s how Bobby and Kerry wanted their customers to feel about their company and its products.

Check out the Kamado Joe grills at our Cole Street store in both red and black. Comes fully assembled too. (Skus 8338444, 8338451, $799.99)

Kamado Joe® Accessories

Our Cole Street location also offers some accessories to enhance your cooking experience with Kamado Joe even further.

Heat Deflector: Bake, roast, and smoke with indirect heat. Heat circulates evenly around food to keep it unbelievably moist. (Sku 8339061, $49.99)

Fire Starter Cubes: These cubes burn up to 1300°F for 8-12 minutes to ensure that you’re ready to cook in 15 minutes. Odorless, smokeless, and environmentally safe. (Sku 8339079, $7.99)

Grill Cover: Made of durable vinyl for all-weather protection, these grill covers are custom fit. (Sku 8339020, $49.99)

Lump Charcoal: Natural charcoal burns cleaner and hotter and contains no chemical additives. Available in a 22-pound bag. (Sku 8322786, $20.99)


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